The flexible all-inclusive offer

Hertz Vans I Hand and Key

Rent your van for a fixed monthly rate that includes all costs except fuel.

Hertz Vans I Odometer

Benefit from 4000 free kilometres or optionally even up to 15'000 free kilometres per month.

Hertz Vans I Calendar and Dollar Signs

Return your van at any time after 30 days if you no longer need it.

Hertz Van I Finger points to Van

Choose your favourite(s) from the entire Hertz Vans commercial vehicle fleet


If you ever need a van a little longer

Many of our commercial vehicles are hired for a single transport task or a move. But some also stay with their hirers for a little longer, for example as a replacement for a van that has broken down, to bridge the delivery deadline of a newly ordered vehicle or to cover peak periods. The solution for these and many other cases is called Hertz MiniLease Vans. With Hertz MiniLease you get a van of your choice (or of course several) for a fixed monthly price, which already covers all costs except fuel. You alone decide exactly how long such a long-term rental lasts: you can return your Hertz van at any time after just 30 days and receive a final invoice for the exact day. This makes Hertz MiniLease Vans ideal for start-ups that need a light commercial vehicle but do not yet want to enter into a long contractual commitment or want to avoid large investments at the beginning.